An Intro to JamHawk and Music Discovery

An Intro to JamHawk and Music Discovery

Finding new music is easy, but music discovery is hard. When’s the last time you were delighted because you discovered a new song that you loved?

For most of us, the delightful feeling of discovering music that resonates with us happens pretty infrequently. This is despite the millions of songs that we know exist every time we login to our current music streaming service. Why is that we have millions of songs at our disposal, but we still listen to the same songs over and over again? It’s because music discovery isn’t about finding new music, it’s about finding the right music.

It’s incredibly disappointing that we are so rarely delighted in finding a new artist when so many outstanding artists exist, we just don’t know where they are. It’s disappointing because music is so essential to our lives. Yet, most of us remain unaware of the power of music’s impact and legacy, but music has always been there for us; accompanying our proudest moments, and pulling us through our toughest tribulations.

Your Next Favorite Song is Your Next Best Friend

Just think of the best album you’ve ever discovered, and how visceral and tangible that experience was for you. That moment when you truly connected with the artist’s expression is invaluable, and for some of us, just as meaningful as any real life relationship. Why? Because artists are real people, and music forms real bonds. Music is personal, for both the artist and the listener.

Music is Personal
Music is engaging because it’s personal.

For most of us, it takes a while to meet and connect with your best friend. Usually you have to experience a series of events, both positive and negative, in order to form a bond so close. You have to share in disappointment, happiness, sadness, joy, regret, laughter…

But what if you were able to form that relationship as soon as you met that person. This is akin to what JamHawk offers.

Why Music Discovery is Overwhelming

A large part of the problem with discovering music is that the greatest artists don’t always have the largest promotional budgets. This means they can’t always get on the radio, or strike an endorsement deal, or stand out in general.

With technological advances come many new innovations, especially in digital music. But the drawback is that we have created a lot of noise.

Music Discovery is Overwhelming.
Music discovery is currently overwhelming.

Why is this happening? It’s because music production is no longer centralized to a few production studios and labels, it’s decentralized to millions of producers and artists. As listeners, we are now completely overwhelmed.

When we yearn for something new, we have to actively rummage. Instead, we should be listening to the right recommendations. Music, again, is personal. This process needs to be at least semi-automatic. It needs to be this way or else we will continue to experience the decision fatigue we’ve been experiencing since the advent of scaled music streaming.

Music Discovery Could Be Delightful

We are currently satisfied with digital music, but we could be delighted. Music streaming was exciting at first because it was new, but now most of our experiences are mediocre. Some of us realize this, and some of us don’t.

Before Starbucks came along, most people in the US thought they’re morning cup of coffee was just fine. We thought this because we didn’t really think about it all. We paid 50 cents for a cup, with little regard for its origin. We didn’t care about automatic drip versus French press, or Keurig versus Clover. Caramelly vs. nutty vs. flowery didn’t occur to us because we weren’t into coffee for its taste, we were into it for its functional benefit: energy. It was essential for most of us because we knew that we needed it to get through our day, but we didn’t know that it could be so much better.

I am telling you that you’re digital music experience is much like coffee before Starbucks. We need music, and we have access to music. But it could be so much better. We could be delighted every time we logged in, instead of merely being satisfied with the functional benefit of access.

So how do we accomplish this? With so much noise, how do we distinguish the next great artist from the next great flop? This is a dilemma most surviving music companies are forced to reconcile. Rather than purely depending on luck or intuition, however, we propose adding both art and science to the mix.

We Make Music Discovery Easy

Our recommendation system considers each song on a variety of factors including viral impact, fan loyalty, expert curation, and neural drivers. The aim of this system is to do more than just serve song recommendations. It is constructed to put the power of music discovery in your hands, by giving you control and convenience.

Opening a new world of music discovery.
Opening a new world of music discovery.

Additionally, we focus on the best of music, not purely the most popular of music. We do this to deliver a quality service, and we do this because the playing field is uneven. Great artists without tremendous promotional budgets struggle relentlessly to achieve exposure.

This is why we are focused on building a new era in digital music, through innovative technology and a business model that sincerely values the art from which it profits. We are bringing you a service that facilitates the convenient discovery of your next best friend, and actually delights you. Why? Because we are not trying to make you happy, we are trying to blow your mind.

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